It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

It may be 90 stupid un-Autumn-like degrees for October here in the Black Hills, but the tree’s still know what they’re supposed to be doing this time of year and they’re doing it beautifully!

Hubs and I ATV’d up to a spot called Flag Moutain on Sunday, it was the perfect way to spend a sunny Indian summer day. For the record, we only have one 4-wheeler and I kinda like it that way as he has to drive the thing leaving me free to take pictures over his shoulder or hang precariously off the back when we pass something that has the ooooooh factor….

 I snapped this one of the backside of Deerfield Lake while Hubs was consulting the trailhead map…turns out we were in the wrong spot. Worked out well for me!

Ha! Found a whole field of weeds! Go me…

The color of the Aspens never fails to take my breath away….

I loved the carpet of yellow leaves on the trail…

Picnic break!

 We found the lookout tower at the summit,  6900 feet above sea level. The view was spectacular from every direction…

 Hubs found the outhouse. He’s so handy to have on a trip…

 Wouldn’t be me without taking this picture now would it?? I think not…


Have I mentioned I like rocks too? No?? An oversight on my part… my bad!


 We found this a few yards off the main trail…on the edge of a cliff. I shuddered to think of why the marker was placed in that particular spot. Hubs thought it was probably because that’s where the family scattered Dad’s ashes. I liked his scenario much better…

 I absolutely adore the randomness of this birdhouse on a fencepost in the middle of nowhere. I heart the person who put it there…

There’s rain on the horizon, but it’s not coming in time to settle the dust and save me from this:

This was just from wiping my face….yikes!

Our new self portrait…check out the awesomeness that is my hair…I’m hot.




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