Baby Stuff!!!!!!!

We had Peanut’s baby shower this weekend, and I am now on “precious” overload.  Soooo much cute stufffffff!

All this baby paraphernalia really brings home the fact that it’s almost time for her to be here. While the “belly” has been hard to ignore for quite some time, I’ve become used to it. Avery’s actual arrival has almost become hypothetical…until now.

Ya want to know what really got to me?? The diapers…they smell like baby powder which made my heart do a flipflop. Avery’s Mom made fun of me for sniffing them but that smell was like crack for me…The longer I held that pack of teensy little diapers to my nose, the more I could feel her little head on my shoulder…

And this little bunny…it sing’s “Now I lay me down to sleep…” It’s so precious I can’t stand it! Thank you Auntie Bambi!

We decorated with things that will also decorate Avery’s room….

I loved the paper flowers I found at Hobby Lobby, and the “Avery” planter that Auntie Vivi made!

Avery’s Big Sister definitely got kudo’s for giving the most ridiculously adorable hat EVER…

Mama was pretty excited about the Crib bedding set from Auntie Vivi and Uncle Dan…

And the pink tutu from Auntie Erika…

The owl slippers for when she’s at the hospital were a bit hit too!

Why yes, we did clip baby socks all over Mommy when she failed to know the correct answer to a trivia question….

I mean, doesn’t everybody know that it takes the average Dad 1 minute 36 seconds to change a diaper as opposed to the 2 minutes 15 seconds it take the average Mom?? Duhhhh….

My basement is now overflowing with pinkness….and threatening to spill out into the garage…

Peanut, Grammy can’t wait to see you in one of the sweet little sleepers, wrapped in a velvety soft blankie your Mommies friend made you…Please get here safe and sound so I can hold you and smell the top of your fuzzy little baby lotion scented head!


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