A little thing called integrity….


I admit it. I am a laptoping-it-from-my-couch kind of consumer. I shop online. A lot. And 75% of the time it’s from big trustworthy vendors like Amazon ’cause they love me and give me free 2 day shipping….Please don’t send me hate mail about how I’m not supporting my local economy, I know okay??

During all this Wedding/Baby whirlwind of shopping I have strayed onto some sites that I’d never heard of, put my faith in their hands and trusted that they were honest and ethical. Without exception they were. I even got one item that came with a hand written Thank You note which impressed the hell outta me…

As happens sometimes, a few things had to be returned. Again without exception everything went smoothly and refunds were credited back to me promptly.

And then I got scammed. Bamboozled. Hoodwinked. Swindled. Duped. From the least expected source, a Navy wife. She makes cute little hair bows, Chef Vivi knew her having been stationed with this person’s Husband and she had ordered some really cute bows for Avery.  So I “liked” the Facebook page for this Gals little business and ordered one for $14 bucks!! $14 bucks for one little headband…but it was precious and I could just picture my Peanut wearing it plus I liked the idea of supporting a Navy wife trying to make a little extra money. You know, since we’re also a Navy family and all I wanted to help out…

I mean, how cute is this??

Without blinking an eye I contacted her, picked out what I wanted and sent the payment via PayPal the very same day with assurances from her that it was shipping out in 2-3 days. That was back in July. I waited…..and waited….and waited…..

I finally contacted BowLady about 3 weeks later, and was told “I just got my headbands in yesterday 🙂 I will ship it Monday. The retailer was slower than molasses in winter :)”…Ok, contacting me about the delay would have been nice but Hey, I’m an understanding person. And I waited….and waited….and waited….

Another 3 weeks went by and I sent this gentle reminder,  “Honey, I never have received the bow I paid for a long time ago” to which I got “I believe it was the cupcake bow with the headband for an infant? It went out last week. I am sorry it took so long, my supplier ended up going out of business and not telling anyone. It should be there this week”. I wanted to say Oh don’t you just hate when you’ve ordered something and you get ZERO Customer Service informing you of delays and problems with your order?? But I didn’t because that would have been rude...So I waited….and waited….and waited….

A few days later I went to my PayPal account to start a dispute only to find out that since I had been so dang nice for so effing long my transaction was over 30 days old and therefore no longer eligible for intervention on their part. Geesh…Lesson to everyone, pitch a fit promptly. Don’t be all nice like me….

And then I got pissed and sent this: “I’d like to ask for a refund of the $14 dollars I paid for this bow over two months ago as I don’t believe it has ever been shipped”…3 days later I got “Sorry, things have been crazy here. I will send you a certified check with a tracking number next week. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)” REALLY??? You’re sorry for the inconvenience??? And you’ll send a check NEXT WEEK????  And which is it, the tracking number because you finally did the right thing, or a refund?

That was 9 days ago and I’m still waiting for my damn check….If this person lived within 5oo miles of me I’d soooooooo be pooping in her driveway.

So because I’m such a nice person, I’m going to help this Navy wife again by giving a lesson in how to run a successful small business:

1. Communication is key. If your customers order is going to be delayed past the promised ship date or there are any availability issues, let them know immediately! It’s called being proactive, you can look it up HERE if you’re unsure of what that word means.

2. Keep your word. Your online customers have to be able to trust you. Word of mouth is the fastest way to grow, or kill your business. If you promise something, do it as promised! It’s called being honest, you can look it up HERE if that word is foreign to you.

3. Never forget that NO MATTER what you’re selling, a hundred other people are selling the same thing. People will buy from you if you offer the best quality, and give them a nice warm fuzzy feeling about thier transaction with you. It’s called Customer Service, and you clearly need to look it up HERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Case in point, I found this one on Etsy for $5.75 which included the shipping:

Clay Bow Center: Cupcake Flat Back No Hole Hair Bow Center

Just as cute? I think YES!

That concludes today’s rant lesson. And remember, it’s never a good idea to piss off a writer who is the sole owner of a Blog with readers in 36 countries….I’m just sayin’….

PS….Chef Vivi, I totally understand if you don’t “share” this post on your Facebook page! It’s ok, Mama just needed to vent….


2 thoughts on “A little thing called integrity….

  1. I’m really sorry all that happened in the first place…since I’m the one who recommended her. I never would have thought that would happen in a million years 😦

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