So thankful I could cry….

I am so, sooooooooooo thankful I don’t have to go to the dadgum mall again today….I don’t normally go to that place more than 2-3 times a year and I’ve been twice in 2 days, once to get Hubs a suit and then to get an outfit for Priestess Bambi for THE WEDDING….

Every time I go there I remember why I despise going there so much. It’s because bratty little teenagers hang out there. UGH…

 I love and adore the teenagers in my life (see how I made that all bold and stuff? It’s so a couple little teenage girls I know don’t send me hate mail via FB, it’s called covering me arse) the rest of them not so much… The ones I routinely encounter  at The Gates of Hell, aka THE MALL  are snarky, snotty and seem to think they own whatever space they happen to be occupying at any given moment….Maybe it’s a side effect of entering Beellzebub’s Playground, aka THE MALL.  I betcha every single one of them are happy, polite, well mannered semi-grown humans right up until they cross the threshold of Satan’s Lair, aka THE MALL. I’m going to keep telling myself that, because otherwise there are a helluva a lot of parents out there with some ‘splaining to do!

I’m glad we had the opportunity to chat like this, I’d hate for anyone to be confused about my feelings on Lucifer’s  Boudoir, aka THE MALL….

Happy Sunday!

p.s. Hubs sure can hang a suit, Mmmmm Mmm Mmm….and Priestess Bambi looked gawjuss in her new duds too! So at least the trips to that place were successful…

p.s.s…..I miss my Hubs already and he only left an hour ago….




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