Top 10 things I would do if I won the Lotto…

1. Use the money to make all the things on my “Things to do before I kick it” list happen…

2. Have this built in the back yard for Avery, ’cause Grammy wants to play in it too! And when we’re done playing Cinderella she can go ride the 4-wheeler and target shoot with Poppa, just so I don’t make her tooooo girlyfied…



3. Pay off my Kids bills and build them both a house. In the 1000 acre hermit Compound me and Hubs are gonna build our house in…so I can pop over at random times and be that Mother-in-Law ’cause that’s just fun for me…I’ll bring them ugly pottery, what’s the problem??

4. Design the kitchen of my dreams in the house we build. And hire a nice lady named Helga to clean it when I’m channeling Chef Vivi and dirtied every pot/pan and utensil in the joint. And why not, I’ll be able to afford it ’cause we’ll be stinking rich, Mwhahahahaha! 



5. Take my Girl Posse on a shopping spree to New York, let them buy all the shiny things they can carry (and by shiny things I mean shoes) and have dinner HERE  because that Eric Ripert is just a cutie-pie…

6. Fly all the extended Fam to Fiji for a family reunion. ‘Cause hellooooo, IT’S FIJI! Plus getting served fru-fru drinks like this is just fun for the whole dang family….I mean come on…



7. Buy a lunch truck for Chef Vivi and I to goof off in when we’re not traveling…because Peeps deserve our Yummy Goodness for lunch don’tcha think?

8. Take my Hubs to Cabela’s in a moving van and tell him to go nuts! Right after we have a big honkin’ barn built for him to store all that crap in….

9. Build our vacation home in Jackson Hole…don’t be a hater!



10. Start a scholarship fund for Single Moms who want to go back to school. Because they deserve it… and then they can hire lawyers to sue the pants off the Douche-canoes who made them single Moms in the first place. Or hit men. Whatever works…

What would you do if you won Millions?? You’d all buy me something pretty right?? Ya’ll are sooo sweet!




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