Top 10 things I want to do before I kick it…

These aren’t necessarily in order of importance, just listed in the order they popped into my head….

1. Own one of these:



2. Visit New Zealand with Luke. He’s great to travel with ’cause he spoils me and buys me stuff.  And listening to him speak Kiwi after about 30 minutes spent with his mate Bubbles would just be fun for me! (Plus hello, its gorgeous there)

3. Learn to frikkin’ swim. It’s shameful for a woman my age to not know how to do anything but dog paddle. What if I fall off a cruise ship for crying out loud??? 

4. Meet Nigel Dennis and follow him around while he gives me pointers on  how the hell he takes those amazing wildlife pictures! Because OH.MY.GOD…



5. Spend 1 night in a hotel that costs as much as my current monthly salary. Just to see what all the dang fuss is about.

6. Learn to make pottery. Not because I want to recreate that scene from “Ghost”…(ya’ll get your heads outta the gutter)..but because pottery is pretty and I like pretty. That and I want to see the looks on my children’s faces when I give them coffee mugs for Christmas every year!  I mean come on, who doesn’t need a set of 12 of these??



7. Teach Peanut how to crochet a hat. ‘Cause it’s such a Grammy thing to do, and having her spend the whole weekend at the house when it’s all snowy outside and then take her picture wearing it while she builds a snowman sounds like a little slice of heaven…

8. Eat Italian Creme Cake in Italy and see if theirs is really any better than mine…

9. Kiss the Blarney Stone. Because, duhh….it’s in Ireland!



10. Write a Novel. Even if it’s never published. Having the time to dedicate to the writing of it would be such a luxury. Plus I’ve always wanted to have a “writing” room with a great big window looking out on a fabulous view while I channel Ernest Hemingway and Janet Evanovich…

Next up: Top 10 things I would do if I won the Lottery…




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