Is Facebook THE DEVIL???

Do you think Facebook is the new cause of divorce? 

Apparently a lot of folks do….Lawyers are quoting statistics like “1 in 5 online divorce petitions cite Facebook as a contributing factor”, claiming that social networking sites make it easier to cheat on your spouse….Really???? I’m throwing the flag on that one…

Here’s my thoughts on the subject and you don’t even have to give me a penny for them although if you really want to send me pennies I never turn down money….People cheat on their spouses because they want to. Maybe Facebook makes it easier to flirt with your cheating-partner-in-crime while appearing to be innocently playing Farmville as your significant other sits across the room from you, but Facebook doesn’t make you cheat. If that’s where your mind is you’ll find a way to cheat whether it be online, with the cute checker at Walmart, the waitress at the cafe where you have coffee with your cronies or the babysitter…

Having said that, maybe the problem for some people is just flat out being naive or oblivious…Maybe when you accept the friend request of an old “friend with benefits” you are just being polite, but theres always the chance that person interprets your acceptance as Hey, we used to kanoodle, lets hook up again after we spend a few weeks flirting online.  Maybe the friend request you just accepted isn’t from a former lover at all, but instead  from someone that you know doesn’t get along with your spouse, do you stop to consider your spouses feelings and that it  might just alienate them?  Think about it…

Google it, the ‘net is full of articles just like this one in the Indianapolis Examiner….I ain’t making this stuff up!

So you may feel you are innocently chatting with old friends, but could  the comments made on your wall by these old friends be easily misconstrued?? And is it worth upsetting your spouse over, even if you think they’re being ridiculous?? The thing is, maybe they’re overreacting, maybe they’re not but their feelings are genuine and need to be addressed. Sit down with your spouse and talk about what’s bothering them it’s how grown-ups in a committed relationship handle things!! Trust me when I tell you that their issue may seem completely stupid to you but it’s not going to go away, it will fester and get worse and worse if you ignore it…and that my friends is how Facebook causes divorce!

I’m glad we had this chat, you are welcome!




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