A Father, defined…

fa·ther   (as defined by The Free Dictionary) and me….


a. A male person whose sperm unites with an egg, resulting in the conception of a child.
b. A man who adopts a child.
c. A man who raises a child.
It amazes me how many guys are perfectly ok stopping at the first option….
I am probably going to get hate-mail over this to which I say BRING IT. Any DeadBeat Dads (and I hate that name, because they are so NOT DADS) who are offended by this post are cordially invited to bite me. If you can’t be bothered to stick around and actually help raise the kids you make you could at least send a check once a month. Kids still need to eat, they need a decent place to live, Medical care and Daycare even if  you choose to ignore their existence. It all costs money that their Moms have a hard time earning enough of, so please,  just send money.
Plus, you’re toxic and the kids are probably better off learning how to be decent humans from people with souls…
1. To act as a parent to; raise and nurture: “A genitor who does not parent the child is not its parent” (Ashley Montagu).
I am equally amazed at how many MEN are willing to step in to fill the role of parent.
As the Soon-to-be-Grandparent of a child who’s Sperm Donor is a believer that option A is the way to go, I am in complete admiration of every Single-Mom out there, fighting to keep their heads above water financially and mentally. My Daughter has it easier than some, because she has a Family who will make sure her Daughter is provided for. Not all Single Moms have that advantage…My heart goes out to all of those Moms going it alone with no support system whatsoever.
I just don’t get the whole “make ’em and forget ’em” mentality. 27 years ago I was a single Mom, abandoned while pregnant, and I was totally confused and justifiably pissed off at being left to figure it all out on my own. This new wrinkly, wiggly, captivating little person had me simultaneously head-over-heels in love and completely terrified of her. Thankfully, I had some wonderful role models to show me what a Parent should be. My story had a happy ending, unfortunately I think I was the exception rather than the rule…
Someday, I hope our little Peanut has a DAD. One who will be so ridiculously in love with her that he forgets he wasn’t there for her conception. However, if that never happens, I believe she will be just fine because she will always, always have her Poppa, her Auntie and Uncle and Me to make sure she is happy and never feels she’s missing anything. We got this…
 So in closing let me just say to all the Dead-Beat Sperm Donors out there: I totally hope your little wee-wees shrivel up and fall off!!! And then I hope you get Shingles. And a raging, incurable case of diarrhea….

6 thoughts on “A Father, defined…

  1. Great job writing this one! This is SOOOO TRUE!!

    “Peanut” will be just fine with having the “sperm donor” in her life. She has her family and her mommy, so she’s be just fine. Unfortunately, a lot of time it’s better for the “sperm donor” to stay out of the child’s life, instead of causing tons of confusion for the little one because he’s not happy with the situation.

    I raised both of my kids as a single mom, and they turned out great! I am all too familiar with doing it on my own, like you. The good thing is that you’ve been through this in your life, so you will be able to help your daughter through this. 🙂

  2. I agree totally with this blog but would like to add that there are also a lot of Deadbeat mom’s as well. My stepson has one, no contact for 4 years, and when there was, she was one lie after another. No support which we also feel is just fine, he is well taken care of.
    I love your blog, keep them coming!

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