The Chronology of Awwwwww….


Chef Vivi and Captain America, the tale in pictures! (Feel free to say “awwwww!” during appropriate moments…)

They met in 2007 when  she interviewed him  for a AFN story she was filming at the Navy base  they were both stationed at…

The rest, as they say, is history! If you want their sides of the story you can read all about it at THE WEDDING WEBSITE!


I love this picture, they both look ornery as hell. It’s a very honest depiction….


And this one, ’cause who does this???  Who’s keeping an eye out for man-eating sharks while ya’ll are goofing off??


Look closely. See the pearls she’s wearing? He gave her those when she flew to Guam to see him….she’s wearing them on their Wedding day. *sob* See why I’m gonna need a whole box of tissues that day??? Ugh…

 They didn’t see each other again until he came to South Dakota a few months later…she was quite pitiful in between visits. So pitiful in fact that we were this close to sending her to Guam again just to stop the whining and sniveling….

Whilst visiting all the touristy sites around here, Captain America got the requisite grilling from DAD:

Dad: “You a serial killer, boy??”

CA: “No Sir”

Dad: “How many Babies Mama’s you got, boy??”

CA: None Sir”

Dad: “You understand if you hurt my Daughter they’ll never find your body??”

CA: “Yes Sir”

Dad: “I got guns, skinning knives and a shovel all ready to go”

CA: “I understand Sir”

Dad: “That is all”

CA: “Thank you Sir”

You can’t argue with the fact they are kinda perfect for each other. She cooks, he likes to eat. He cleans, she…well, doesn’t.  And he’s ok with that, so score for her!

Also can’t argue the fact that Captain America does not shave when he is on leave….but he wears scruffy well…

Feeling confident at having survived his first visit to meet the Family, he braved a second…This one to the Self Family Reunion/Denver home opener game….Where he got the requisite grilling from The Aunts…

Aunt #1: “You a serial killer, boy??”

CA: “No Ma’am”

Aunt #2: “How many Babies Mama’s you got, boy??”

CA: None Ma’am”

Aunt #1: “You understand if you hurt our Niece they’ll never find your body??”

CA: “Yes Ma’am”

Aunt #2: “We’ve got guns, skinning knives and shovels all ready to go”

CA: “I understand Ma’am”

The Aunts: “That is all”

CA: “Thank you Ma’am”

Ya gotta love a family that thinks alike….

He must be a gluton for punishment ’cause he didn’t run screaming for the airport. (Always a good sign) Soon after I started getting sneaky little texts/emails inquiring about what size Chef Vivi’s finger was….Then Dad got a phone call:

CA: “Sir, I’d like your blessing to marry your Daughter. I love her very much”

Dad: “Boy, you know I still got the guns, knives, shovels handy”

CA: “Yes Sir, and remarkably, I still want your blessing”

Dad: “Well, ah’ight then”

So he proposed, after many flight delays and general chaos in getting here from Seattle  during a snow storm in November. At the airport because he couldn’t wait another minute….

She said yes….


And then he moved her far, far away to Washington State….not a good day for Mama.

But look how happy they are! So sweet and loving….

Then they reverted back to their normal ornery selves….

I worry about my future Grandchildren.



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