Ahhh the wonders of Facebook…

So I will be the first to admit that I am a total FB junkie. If I go a day without a hit, I get the shakes….However……

I accepted the friend request from someone I didn’t know, but the dude was friends with someone I do actually know so I figured what the heck, maybe he’s seen some of my comments on her posts and thought I was oh so witty and brilliant. (Wha?? It could happen…) Turns out he’s kinda skeevy, according to our mutual friend who promptly called me on the carpet messaged me with “Why are you friends with ********? Do you really know him?” To which I could only reply “Uhhhh….welllll………ummmmmmmm…..NO???”  I promptly unfriended said skeevy dude.

Which leads me to pose this question: How many people actually know all of their 476 FB “friends”?? As in you’ve met them in person, or had phone conversations with them, or any form of communication other than FB? Really??? Thats what I thought…

In the interest of furthering readership here on THE BLOG, I’ve lately accepted a few friend requests I normally wouldn’t have. (It’s called self promotion…you can look it up) My normal practice on accepting friends is pretty conservative, if I don’t actually know you get lost because I have no interest in clogging up my news-feed with a kajillion posts  about your activities on any of the many many FB games you play…

So what side of the Facebook friend fence are you on? Accept any and all friend requests because more is better? Or accept only those from people you know or mutual friends of people you know (which can still getcha in trouble)?

Just a little food for thought on a Saturday morning…

Ya’ll have a great weekend!




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