A Totally Scientific Study in Cultural Differences

We’re Americans. We do things a little differently than other parts of the planet….

Aside from Canada (which doesn’t really count ’cause they’re attached to us, plus I don’t have any good pictures from my adventure up there) the only other Country I’ve visited and can make a fair comparision of is Italy, so they are my Scientific Community Model. ( I googled that ’cause in the interest of science I want to be all official and stuff)

This is an Italian car.

This is an American car. We win ’cause everybody knows bigger is better!

 This is a typical Italian appetizer.

 This is a typical American appetizer. They win. Duh….. 

This is an Italian version of a 2 way street, plus room for parking…

This is a real 2 way street with parking…no brainer.

This is how Italians park their cars when they go shopping…And this is how we do it, although I have been tempted to do it their way when I’m in a hurry and there’s no empty spots and I’m only gonna be in there a minute anyway….but I don’t ’cause the Meter Maids in this town are Nazi’s….I think we win this one, Nazi’s aside…

This is an Italian cuppa Joe. You get 2 choices: Cappucino or Espresso…when asked which I wanted I usually said “YES”.

 These are just a few of the kajillion varieties of coffee OFFERED AT MCDONALDS. The neverending list of options at Starbucks etc is wasted on me plus I’m confused and don’t know what half that stuff is anyway….gimme a Caramel Macchiato thankyouverymuch…They win just because sometimes simple is better. We win ’cause it’s good to have choices (this is my feeble attempt to weasel out of making a decision as I love all coffee, barring the truck-stop variety)


This is how they transport produce.. 

Here’s our way….Sorry but they win, ’cause just look it their truck!!!! It’s precious!  

An Italian Traffic cop, (please pay special attention to her footware)


The American version….which one would you rather write you a ticket???

 In the interest of furthering my official-like Scientific research I respectfully request that ya’ll each send me a dollar so I can travel around the world….I’m totally doing this for you. You’re welcome….



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