Dysfunctional R Us…

Just when you are convinced that your Family is a big ol’ dysfunctional mess, they go and do something completely normal like attend a family event….Complicated….

Chef Vivi got RSVP’s from my Brother and Sis-in-law, my Niece and her son and daughter, my Nephew, his wife and their son! Haven’t seen any of them in like 8 years (I’ve never met my Nephew’s family) and I am so completely tickled that they are making the trip for The Wedding. That’s the cool thing about Family, go years and years without seeing them and then BOOM there they are for you…Amazing…

Driving or flying across the country to attend a family event, in this economy?? When the kids school stuff is going full speed??? And only a few weeks before Christmas???? Dedicated…

Cannot wait to see my Big Brother! Wondering how much has he changed, how much more does he look like our Grandpa now?? Will he recognize me with all these dang wrinkles that keep multiplying???? Wondering if he’ll realize I still look up to him, just like when we were kids? I wish Peanut was going to be here to meet her Great Uncle Bubba, her Momma and Auntie adored him, I think it was his voice….Abiding…

I’m still fairly convinced we’re dysfunctional, because it is after all, still us but here’s the thing: we totally ROCK dysfunctional! We don’t act like regular families, we ain’t The Cosbys…We’re more like The Family Guy…or The Sopranos. Except The Sopranos always sat down to Sunday dinner together, we never did that so maybe we’re only like them in that we are sometimes tempted to shoot each other….(we rarely actually do it). Devoted…

I’m a fan….



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