Mustangs do not make me behave inappropriately…

Hubby took me out on a date Saturday night to Sturgis for Steak Tips at Loud American Roadhouse, and to see the parade at the Mustang Rally….except the parade ended at 6:30 pm and we got there at…..6:30 pm. I was bummed but consoled myself with a  plate of Tips and Chips and a Captain Morgan Bahama Mama which made it alllllll better!

Snapped a couple pics of some of the cars still hanging around outside the restaurant…..

  Figuring our night was coming to an uneventful close, we jumped in the truck and started for home….and then I saw IT…..passing by on a cross street….

Me: “Oooooohh FOLLOW IT!!!”

Hub: “For real?”

Me: *drool* “uh huh”

Hub: “Ohhhhhhhkayyyyy….”

So we did! Totally stalked this poor old guy in a White on Red GT 350….for a few miles….


 Me: “He’s not stopping….why isn’t he stopping??? Doesn’t he need gas or something?? Dinner???”

Hub: “Maybe he already did all that Babe”

Me: “Pretty inconsiderate….”

Hub: “Ya want me to pass him?”


We did. I hung out the window with the camera….


This was not inappropriate behavior on my part…. I would have felt bad for the old guy,  who looked a little nervous when he noticed a middle-aged woman hanging out the window of a passing car furiously snapping his picture. But I didn’t, because he totally brought it on himself, I wouldn’t have had to STALK him  if he’d just stopped for a Snickers bar or a Slurpee…On second thought, he’s probably flattered. Betcha I  provided him with a great story about being chased by the paparazzi to tell his Moose Lodge buddies. I’ve probably upped his local celebrity status…..”You are welcome Old-Guy-with-Hot-Car-from-Wyoming”  

Then this happened to some poor Schmuck just ahead of us (Duh duh duhhhhhh) and kiboshed  the whole high speed Mustang chase thing. Flipped a u-ey….

 (Hi Bear Butte!)

 (Can’t help myself,  I have to take it’s picture every time I see it)  Anyhooo….

Back into town we went, for some completely uneventful, totally boring admiring of parked ‘Stangs….so not the same!

*Sighhhhh* Somebody bring me a bib….or hand me a napkin…

“Honey if I buy this one will you soop it up for me????”

“No??….Then buy me some Ice Cream???”

And he did…life is good!


3 thoughts on “Mustangs do not make me behave inappropriately…

  1. One of my favorite blog posts to date…..well done Mama, that made me laugh so hard I snorted a little soda out my nose 😛

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