Please DO NOT tell her….

Checked the Blog first thing this morning, (cuppa joe in hand) and was tickled pink to see I’d gotten my first ever Google search hit! Yeppers, a random stranger did a google search and found me, guess what wonderous thing drew them to Guess! You’ll never guess!!!!

They searched for photos of “sleeping pugs” and found this one on page 21 of the images section, second from the left:

Which lead this person to one of the first posts I did…”The Dog Blog”…

Go figure…..The fat chubby rotund chunky  little heifer has made me famous. Please don’t tell her, she already thinks she’s a Princess. No good can come from her knowing this information!!  

Having said that, I’m not above using her to climb my way to the top of the Blogging food-chain so here’s a couple more SLEEPING PUG photos….If I get more hits off it I’ll buy her something pretty….like a T-bone…

And here’s a bonus just in case anyone’s searching for PUGS IN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!

Happy Friday!!!



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