The Belly….

Chef Vivi took maternity photos of Avery’s Mom while I was a work one day…I absolutely, completely, totally adore them!

I’m so ready for this baby girl to get here!!!  I want to hug her and kiss her and snuggle her and sniff the top of her head and marvel at her tiny little feet…I hope she looks just like her Mommy,  who was ridiculous in her chubby-cheeked, big bright blue eyed gorgeousness. (Just ask her, she will confirm this fact!) I hope she has her Poppa’s smile and his incredible strength and confidence. I really hope she has her Auntie’s talent, remarkable capacity for remembering stuff and crazy sense of humor (if she wanted to defy her Mom and have Aunties green eyes that would be ok too!) I dream of her having one of those infectious, precious belly laughs that some babies have, the kind that makes everyone else in the room giggle too!

So here’s the pics that one of my gorgeous kids took of the other gorgeous kid…


That’s my Peanut in there!!! My little Peanut who already has a closet full of clothes and several pairs of shoes (she is her Mommy’s daughter!)

Is it bad that I have her future husband all picked out? We need more cowboys in the family and Kolton Joe would make a fine Grandson-In-Law in about 30 years!!  

9 more weeks! GRAMMY CANNOT WAIT!!!



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