Date Night!

Don’t you just love spontaneous fun?? Chef Vivi and I decided spur of the moment to treat ourselves to a fancy schmancy dinner at a Foodie heaven restaurant here in town, made possible thanks to a gift certificate Viv got for Tally’s as a Thank You gift  for taking pictures of some friend’s little girls before she moved to Washington. So free fancy schmancy dinner thankyouverymuch!!!

The food was, as always, fabulous. If you live around here and haven’t been to Tally’s you should totally treat yourself and go, it’s not the normal kind of fare you’re used to in Rapid City!

As good as our dinner was, it was not the highlight of the night, the talking, laughing, sharing bites of yum and just spending time togethere was. And It occurred to me that it was probably the last one-on-one time we will spend together before she gets married. *sob* We made the absolute most of our night…

Wagyu Beef with carrots, peas, black truffle potatoes and roasted red pepper foie gras fondue


Hawaiian Moonfish Cheek with black truffle risotto and parsnip crisps


What else did we do??? Prowled Kohl’s until they booted us out at closing time of course! (Did you know that Kohl’s carried Vera Wang?? Did you know that Vera Wang makes some weird looking stuff???) We ended our night with full, happy tummys, totally cheap fun watches and big smiles on our faces…perfection!


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