Things that cracked me up this week…

1. Forevermore “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR will be sung “There’s a bathroom on the right” thanks to Captain America.

2. Pregzilla in line at Qdoba:  “Why do they all keep asking if I want Pico?? I’ve told them 3 times NO PICO” I was like  “Maybe they didn’t hear you.”  She replied with vigorous finger jabbing motions: “They should stick to their assigned duties on the burrito assembly line: You’re tortilla guy, You’re chicken lady, You’re pico boy, everybody who’s not Pico boy stop asking me!!!

3. Luke eating Carbonara from his plate while walking to his chair because he couldn’t wait that extra 5 seconds….

4. The day Chef Vivi got home I had to work all day so she came to the office to see me….I was so excited to see her I spit the sunflower seed I was eating right into her lap. I’m sure that’s a sign of affection in some countries….

5. The following all occured while working on crafty wedding projects with the girls:

Me: “Brit put this somewhere safe for me.”  She promptly shoves it into her cleavage….Chef Vivi chimed in with: “Well it’s safe from me, I’m not going into the Swoobage for it”….Me: “what the heck is swoobage??”  Chef Vivi: “sweaty boobage=Swoobage, duhhhh” and rolled her eyes at me… 

Me: “Lets try this for shits-and-giggles” Chef Vivi: “Shiggles??”  This was followed by an impromptu performance of the Shiggles dance….

Me: “Where’s my ribbon??? I’ve lost my ribbon!!!!”  Avery’s Mom: “stand up….ummmmm….yeah it’s stuck to  your butt”

6. Chef Vivi: “I wish I could find footie pj’s in my size.”  Me: “If I find some with the butt flap can I get them??” CV: “YES!” Me: “Done” CV: “They will serve double duty, 1. Our bedroom is really cold and 2. They can be my Sorry Honey I have a headache jammies, could you maybe iron on a picture of Dad’s face on the front of them too as added protections?”  Me: “That will be my new mission in life” CV: “Epic”

Never, ever, ever a dull moment when you’re surrounded by Smarty Pants….

Happy Friday!







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