Fluffy Squirrel Girl

Ever meet someone that you instantly knew you were going to keep forever? Someone that you felt such a immediate connection with that you felt you’d known them for years? Ever have that reaction to someone you’ve never actually met??? Enter Fluffy Squirrel Girl….

Chef Vivi and Fluffy Squirrel Girl at the beach...

I’ve named her Fluffy Squirrel Girl (FS Girl for short)  because of some song lyrics she once wrote that never, ever fail to make me giggle when I think of them….I thank Janet Evanovich for bringing Fluffy Squirrel Girl into my life. She and Chef Vivi met and bonded over one of the Stephanie Plum novels and never looked back! They were joined at the hip during most of their DINFOS school in Maryland and would call and regale me with stories of their antics which inevitibly left me rolling on the floor, snorting and gasping for air! I fell in love with FS Girl through those stories, her wonderfully whimsical, artsy pictures and her emails to me. I have never met her. I heart her….alot….

I love that she took a picture of herself taking a picture....










FS Girl is my kinda chick….she’s wicked sarcastic, a trait I find absolutely essential in life. She’s artsy-fartsy, she has an eye for photography that I envy and admire. She has a slightly bohemian side to her, she channels Janis Joplin and I dig that about her. She cooks yumminess which makes her a kindred spirit. She injures herself frequently in dumb ways, just like me. She’s also beautiful, and ridiculously photogenic. I don’t hold it against her….

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous...










Someday I hope I get to meet her and hug her ’til she can’t breathe, but even if that never happens she’ll always be the Daughter I got with zero labor pains…



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