Christmas in August!!!!!


My current laptop was a hand-me-down from Chef Vivi about 4 years ago. It was great, but like they all do after a few years it had slowed down. Ditto for Hubby’s current model….We needed new technology!! Faster processors! Bigger hard drives!!! BELLS AND WHISTLES!!!!!!!!!!

I work for an I.T. company….an HP reseller I.T. company….who lets employees buy stuff at cost…..stuff with Bells and Whistles….Soooooo……Merry Early Christmas Grammy! Why thank you Poppa, Merry Early Christmas to you too!!!

New Laptops!!! Shiny, never been pre-owned, chock full of said Bells and Whistles, Mongo Hard Drives, Loaded with fun Software, Snazzy, Jazzy new Laptops! Yay us!! And thanks to my “work son”, the Network Engineer, all of our old files and programs and stuff effortlessly transferred from our old machines…it’s a miracle!!!

Haaaaaaappppy Daaaaancing over here!

Did you know it is apparently bad to keep 4500 emails in your deleted mail file?? Who’da thunkit? Here’s another tip: if you ever ask someone to do you a big fat favor by transferring software from your old laptop to your new one be sure you bring the software disks because they get cranky and mutter things about “not being a dang magician” if you don’t….I’ll bake his favorite Oatmeal Raisin cookies for him and then he will love me again!

I’ve had several people ask me why we both needed one, why don’t we just share….excuse me??? Share laptops??? But…..but…….a shared laptop would have boy cooties all over it…ewwwww…. And besides, I have never owned a brand new computer. Ever. Always pre-owned, passed to me by someone else who got an upgraded machine, preloaded with whatever nasty bugs they had downloaded along with their free music. So this one’s mine, alllllll mine! Muwahahahahhaha!

Now if only I could figure out how this shiny new contraption works….*sigh*

WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Where’s my stuff??? I can’t find my pictures!!! What the heck????……..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ok I got it. Never mind…..I’m good!! Very Good!




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