Oh, Sooooo Thankful!

For these two: 

 They were such adorable little punks…. 

Man did they keep me on my toes….

 And then some! The teenage years….oy…

 Now they’re adorable big Punks!  And even though they are all grown up, they still keep me on my toes! They make me laugh, sometimes while I’m eating which gives me that moment of panic when I’m not sure if I’m going to spit my bite of Qdoba burrito across the table, or choke on it… neither scenario is good, except to them. They found it hilarious! Punks….

They make me cry, sometimes tears of frustration and sometimes joy. Chef Vivi brought a voice recordable storybook for Peanut that she and Captain America had narrated which made all three of us cry when we listened to it…

They will always be my Babies, and I cherish every single moment I have with them….

Go hug your Kids, even your furry fourlegged ones and be Thankful!



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