Luke and I moved to South Dakota 6 years ago, and I didn’t know a soul here except his Boss’s family (who feel like family to us, thank goodness for them).  I made a few casual friends during the first couple of years but I missed having a truly close friend living nearby. I hadn’t had that since my girls and I moved away from Kansas City in 1998. Finding a casual friend is easy, finding one I’ll treasure for a lifetime is something much harder for me…

In KC I left behind my closest friend who I’ll call “Red” (Her name has been changed to protect her identity, and if I publish her picture I’m pretty sure she’ll murder me) It was so hard to do, I thought my heart would break. Red has been my rock too many times to count, and I like to think I’ve been her’s a couple of times as well. We’ve laughed, cried (sometimes both at once), grieved and gotten into more than our share of trouble together. I miss her terribly, even though she is only a phone call away. It’s hard to get a hug or share a beer at the end of a crappy day over the phone….We do the best we can and cherish our few and far between visits.

One fateful day about 3 years ago I nervously reported for the first day of work at my new job. I was introduced around the building, meeting a ton of people who’s names I had no hope of remembering, except one. Her name was Bambi (not changed to protect her identity!) and I knew I could remember that one! Turned out I hated the job and only stayed about 18 months, but I kept the only perk — Bambi! She’s now forever in my heart, along with her family. They’ve all become part of my family….Want to meet them??



This is Bambi, she has the best smile! It’s big, warm, open, just seeing it makes you feel better no matter how icky your day has been. It matches her heart…

In case you hadn’t figured it out, she’s the girl who likes her Jeep Rubicon MUDDY!! She has won every Mug Bog race I’ve seen her participate in, she’s utterly fearless behind the wheel! She is smart, wicked funny, fiercely protective of those she loves, makes fabulous cakes and Redneck Bars, she’s ridiculously giving, outgoing, crazy friendly. And I am lucky to have found her.


Lil’ Man Kolton! He wants to be a cowboy. He has an impish little grin!  He’s fearless, funny, ornery, sweet, and makes my day every time I see him! Hmmmm….he reminds me of someone else I know….

This girl….This is Kianah (Kia to me). She sends me texts while I’m sleeping that make me smile when I wake up! She is beautiful in ways she doesn’t even know yet. She is beautiful, period….She is smart, wicked funny, fiercely protective of those she loves, ridiculously giving, outgoing, crazy friendly. Sound familiar?? Everything I love about her Mom, I love about Kia too…

The Husband and Father of this family is Rob, he’s a pretty amazing fella as well but I didn’t get his permission to publish his picture so if you want to know what he looks like, check out Brad Paisley! Could be brothers….

Red and Bambi. Two irreplaceable, amazing women in my life. I’d be lost without them….



One thought on “Besties

  1. awe…that warmed my heart….soooooo very much!!!!!! i think i am pretty lucky to have found you and your family also! mmmmuuuaaahhh i lub you bunches!!!!

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