When I went to my laptop this morning, this picture was scrolling across my screen saver..*sighhhh*

 I was immediately taken back 4 years to the moment of walking across that bridge in Siracusa, Sicily with Chef Vivi (she was Sailor Vivi then). I could smell the salt in the air, I could hear our Guide reciting the history of the city with a fascinating blend of Italian/English punctuated with hand gestures. Sicilians move at a slow leisurely pace in everything they do EXCEPT talk, then their words come out in such a rush that is impossible to understand, I never cared because I was THERE! They could jabber to me in their broken English all day and I was perfectly happy to listen because I was THERE!!!

 I have a thing for sailboats. And an Italian sailboat in the Ortiga harbor, where legend says Achilles landed?? Fugedabowdit!!!


 Villa Romana del Casale built in the 4th century, containing the richest, largest and most complex collection of Roman mosiacs in the world…hard to capture the enormity of it in a picture. I was fascinated….

Let me just say, if you’re not into ancient architechture, history or amazing food DO NOT ever go to Sicily. There will be nothing there for you….

 The antipasto…just the antipasto!!!!  I cannot even begin to describe the difference in the taste of the olives, I swear you could taste the earth… the olive God, the flavor!  The proscuitto, sopressata, fresh mozzerella were exquisite, no imported version I’ve ever tasted here in the states even begins to compare ….And I ate it (grudgingly shared with Viv, she whimpered and I couldn’t stand it) and then consumed the biggest plate of the most delicious Pistachio pasta ever created…*drool*…I did not stop to snap a photo of the Pasta as I was afraid if I wasted too much time Viv would start that “sharing” business again…. 


 And the Cappuccinos which became my obsession…served in those white stoneware cups no matter where you happened to be when you ordered one, including the gas stations! I did not see a single solitary paper cup the whole time I was there…. 

 The 142 steps of the Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone. I made it up the first 7, sat down for the picture, then headed for the shops. I was on a mission to find a gravy boat and butter dish, neither of which exist in Sicilian culture apparently….

 Ohhhh, the day we accidentally ended up in wine country…as far as the horizon stretched, nothing but vineyards…and not a single lemonade-style stand for sampling…it was cruel…



 Agrigento at sunset, as close as I have ever felt to God. Seriously.

 Reflection time…I think I was trying to figure out how to get Luke to load up the dogs and come on over because I never, ever wanted to leave….



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