The difference between boys and girls…

I recently saw a TV commercial that featured two little boys with plungers strapped to their legs trying to walk up their living room wall….As I giggled at their antics, Luke looked at me with a completely straight face and asked “You never did that as a kid??” No, I didn’t and here’s why… A) Trying to climb up the side of the house never occurred to me and B) strap toilet plungers to myself?? Like used-in-the-toilet plungers?? Ewww….

As a little girl I played with Barbies. As a little boy Luke blew up his Sister’s Barbies with M-80’s. I experimented with different colors of eye shadow. He set fire to his Sister’s eye shadow to see if they burned different colors. I caught frogs out of the pond to stage my own froggy races. I named them and cheered them on, rewarded the winner with a bug and then put them back in the pond…My Brothers caught frogs to blow them up with firecrackers…(what is it with boys and blowing stuff up???)

 I know guys who enjoy “Chick-flicks” and sometimes get a little teary-eyed over them….I also know a guy who thinks scorpions make good pets (R.I.P. Fluffy McCreepy) a thing this girl would never, ever, ever do and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one…There are the guys who drive cute little Eco-friendly cars that they keep squeaky clean, and coordinate their clothes to match their watches. They are all oh so Manly Men,

 I know girls who put tires so big on their Jeep Rubicons that some people (ok, me) need a push on their backsides to boost them up into the passenger seat. These girls prefer it when their Jeeps are MUDDY. There are girls who dream of riding around in a jacked-up truck with a Bulldog named Bubba and could care less if their shoes match as long as they’re on the right feet!  And lets not forget the oh so Girly Girls  who make sure their attire not only matches, but is perfectly accessorized before they go out rock climbing…

Are you seeing the similarities here? We’ve got boys with a few nice feminine qualities to them, and girls who have some testosterone going on! Other than the obvious, “Boys have a penis, Girls have a vagina”  (my favorite line from “Kindergarten Cop”)  is the only real difference that boys have a penchant for making things go BOOM?? I’m not alone in pondering this question. The Web is full of folks trying to figure it out.

Whatever you think the differences are, all I really want to do is go on record as saying I have never, EVER walked around with used toilet plungers taped to my legs, unlike some people….





5 thoughts on “The difference between boys and girls…

  1. I LOVE this entry! I am the totally COOL AWESOME one that LOVES BIG Meaty Tires on my Jeep Rubi! You are awesome Lori! And i am not sure why boys want to always blow things up…they never ever grow out of it either! hehe

    • I tried to get out of having to admit that I need to be hoisted up into your Rubi, but I couldnt….Now people have a really great mental picture of me!!!!!

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