Grammy’s Iced Chai Latte…

How many of you are as addicted to iced coffees as I am??? Don’t get me wrong, I adore the cappuccinos and espressos that my Capresso machine makes for me, ADORE them. But with the temps outside being so ugly this summer, a cup of hot coffee is just not appealing. An iced coffee on the other hand is delish, and I can’t live without it. Just can’t! Ok, maybe I could but I don’t wanna!!!

During the summer I keep a gallon of cold-brewed coffee in the fridge at all times. I add skim milk and a Splenda packet and It’s good. Rich coffee flavor….but sometimes I want something a little different, a little more exotic. So I fiddled around with a bunch of spices and whatnot and came up with a Chai Latte mix that I just add water (or skim milk) and ice cubes to. I give it a good shake in a mason jar with a lid and wah-lah! Rich, frothy, YUMMY! And I get my upper body workout for the day so yay me! I sent Chef Vivi a jar full to test, she shared it with some of her Culinary schoolmates and I got rave reviews. That got Grammy to thinking “Hmmmmm…..wonder if folks would buy it??”

In the interest of market research, I would like all of my awesome readers to try it and give me feedback! It does contain Non-fat dry milk, Splenda, cinnamon and other spices so if you food allergies let me know…I can make it  in regular or decaff so be sure to tell me your preference….Send your mailing address to:

And I’ll mail you a sample! (Even if you are one of my readers from Germany, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Indonesia or the Republic of Korea although yours may take a little longer to get to you!) Then email your opinions to me, or just post them as a comment here….I’m thinking a cute cellophane bag with 8 oz of mix along with a handy measuring scoop for around $9 dollars plus shipping thru an online store on  Tell me things like, “coffee taste is too strong” or “not sweet enough” or “its good but that price is too high” You get the idea….And please be honest, brutally honest!!!! If you think it’s icky, tell me! You won’t hurt my feelings, it will just leave more for me…Otherwise *deep breath*  I’m gonna go out and buy kajillions of dollars worth of supplies and then the stuff won’t sell and Luke will divorce me and I’ll cry and snot will run down my lip and you know that’s not pretty and you can save me from utter doom and despair by telling me what you think!!! *Exhale!*



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