Fit? or Fluffy? Why can’t I be both!?

Most of you know I’ve been trying to de-fluff myself the last 6 months or so. I’ve shrunk myself about 25 pounds. I’m about that same number of pounds away from my original goal. And I’m pretty sure I’m ok with that….Cuz here’s the thing, I feel better!

Let’s face it, a svelte size 6…NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Or a 8 for that matter….My years of worrying about how I look and what people think of me are way behind me, not much vanity left in this girl, Thank God! I don’t wear high heels anymore cuz I’d rather be comfy. I don’t color my hair anymore cuz I don’t mind the gray. And except for the rare occasion, I don’t wear make-up anymore because my skin feels better without it. None of those things are a priority for me since I hit about 45. I’d so much rather focus on being happy and healthy than worry about my appearance. I’m comfortable with me, finally!

I have however made some positive, lasting changes. I still do my yoga, and I have my Aqua Zumba classes twice a week. Not because I’m still actively trying to lose weight, but because I enjoy it! Who’d a thunk it??? Me, actually enjoying exercise???? Craziness…..:) If I know I’m gonna fix something “bad” for supper, I’ll take cottage cheese and tuna or a salad  for lunch. I still eat breakfast every day. These have become healthy habits….I haven’t lost a pound in 2, maybe 3  months, but I haven’t gained any of it back either. That makes me happy! I feel stronger, my Fibro doesn’t bother me nearly as much and that makes me realllllly happy! So if it takes me a year or more to lose that last 25 pounds that’s ok. Because my real goal was to feel better and I’ve accomplished that!

I rock, go me!!!

The moral of my story kiddos, is this: stop focusing on how you look (or worse, how you think you’re supposed to look) and focus on how you feel! I’m here to tell ya,  feeling good and being happy with yourself  is absolutely the greatest goal you will ever attain!

Ya’ll have a GREAT weekend, and remember Grammy loves ya just the way you are!


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