Here a Tot, there a Tot…

This is NOT a post about diet food. Consider yourself forewarned!

Golden brown nuggets of Heaven for your tastebuds…Little morsels of deep fried, homemade YUM….These will make you fluffy…and happy!

We’re about to get dirty…


 4 medium russet potatoes

1 egg

4 oz sharp cheddar

2 Tablesoons all purpose flour

sea salt and fresh ground to taste

canola oil

 Wash the ‘taters and cut them in half. Parboil them until you can insert a fork, but they’re still firm. Drain and cool. When they’re cool enough to handle (you can rinse them in cold water to bring the temp down faster) grate them into a large mixing bowl, using your grater with the largest holes. I don’t peel mine beforehand for two reasons: A) I hate to peel ‘taters, and B) when you grate them after parboiling, the peel mostly stays in one piece.



 See? Self peeling ‘taters! Yippee!!! A few little pieces of peel may end up in the bowl but I don’t mind ’em…

When you’ve got all the ‘taters grated, grate your cheese using the same grater. Add the egg, flour and salt/pepper to taste. This is where the getting dirty part comes in….

 Dive in with both hands and mix well. You want a nice, sticky consistency. (Add more flour if it seems too wet) If you have young’uns that like to help in the kitchen, this is a good job for them! My helpers all grew up,  so I have to do the dirty work myself. It’s a necessary evil that I hope Peanut will relieve me of when she’s big enough!

When it’s well combined, rinse your hands under cool water, you just want them dampened. It makes forming these sticky little tots easier.

 Make ’em round, make ’em oval….doesn’t really matter! I re-wet my hands after about 4 or 5 tots to keep them from sticking to me. Just keep rollin’, rollin’, rollllllllin’ along….

 I made a double batch so I could freeze half…

Heat the oil to about 375. Fry them in batches of 6 or so, however many your Fry-Daddy will hold without crowding. Mine took around 5 minutes to float and turn to beautiful golden perfection!


 Drain ’em on paper towels. I give mine a little sprinkle of Seasoned Salt when they come out of the oil but that’s just me….


 Done! These are ridiculously addictive… scrumptous little bites of  crispy cheesy goodness! Chef Vivi taught me to make these the last time she was home and her Daddy and Sister now refuse to eat a store bought Tater Tot….Thanks Kid!!! I did have to adapt her original recipe by adding the cheese, but it’s what I do. I have also strongly considered adding crumbled bacon too….cuz pork fat rules!

P.S….try them dipped in Ranch, I wouldn’t steer ya wrong!

Enjoy 🙂

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