Full Circle

This fun fact hit me the other morning while I was in the shower, of all places…..

My Mom wrote a magazine column based on her favorite hobby. Her Pen name was Granny Kath. I write a daily blog about a few of my  favorite hobbies. My Pen name is Grammy. Mom included lots of little stories about her family in her column over the years. I’ve done the same…Her column enjoyed much successs for 30 years. I can only wish the same for myself…. Here’s one big difference: Mom did the bulk of her writing in the middle of the night. Her “day” really got going around 11 pm. I remember many many times waking up in the middle of the night when I was a kid, listening for the sound of her typewriter and if I heard it would feel all was right with the world and fall back asleep. I write in the early morning while I’m having my coffee. Mom was NOT a morning person. I have a hard time staying up past 10 pm…

Mom would make you pull the car over on road trips to take pictures of wildflowers, aka weeds. I have made Luke pull the car over on road trips so that I could take pictures of weeds, aka wildflowers. She drove us all nutso snapping her camera in our faces. She took my picture 11 minutes after giving birth to Chef Vivi for crying out loud! 11 minutes!!! Cuz I was looking GOOOOD…..I drive my family and friends crazy snapping their pictures, just ask Luke and the guys that helped him move his pool table into the house. Snap. Snap snap. Snappity, snap…..Since I am their bosses wife, they grinned and played along but I knew they were thinking “Mrs. Self this table weighs about 600 lbs and its not getting any lighter posing for you. Please get outta the way!”  It’s officical. I have become my Mom. Reckon I could do worse….

   Vivian Sawyer Kath

I could do much, much worse.



2 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Yes momma you are very much like my granny!! But I can’t think of any two people I’d rather be like! And it wasn’t just weeds she’d pull over for, rocks too!!

  2. You’re so very like her 🙂 And I hope someday my kids tell me I’m just like my Mama. You and Granny are two of the greatest women I’ve ever known.

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