A weed by any other name….

 Weed? Or Wildflower? Don’t know, don’t really care what variety of Weeduscarniferous it is, its pretty! One of my all-time favorite things to do is hike in the Hills with my trusty Luke and my trusty Rebel and take photos of interesting plantlife. Much to the amusement and frustration of the Hubs. Hello??? Why does he think I agreed to go Turkey hunting with him?? Photo opps…duhhh!

 I spent 20 minutes trying to get this shot, the leaf was teensy tiny and I couldn’t get closer than 5 feet from it. My camera kept wanting to focus on bigger things around the leaf….I heard a couple of sighs escape from Luke during this process….Ok, it was a lot of sighs. And then he left without me. No appreciation of the arts!

 I can’t help myself…

 It’s an inherited sickness. My Mom did the same thing. And I’m pretty sure I’ve passed it along to Chef Vivi, though I don’t think she’s quite as obsessed as I am….yet. She’s young, give her time!!!!!

 I mean, come on……

I spied this little guy buzzing around these roses from across the creek, and I wasn’t about to cross a fast moving creek to take his picture. It’s nice to have a big fat telephoto lens! And yes, I know a wild Rose isn’t a weed. My theory is if it grows wild it’s a weed….That way I don’t have to be able to identify it. If someone ask’s “What kind of plant is that?”  I can answer with confidence “oh thats a weed”….I like to keep things simple.

 I took this one in Taormina, Sicily. Chef Vivi and I had hiked down to the beach and on the hike back up I stopped to catch my breath and this little guy called to me….

I love when they do that…..

Hubby doesn’t believe they speak to me  but they do. “”Lookit! I’m an under-appreciated, lowly little weed. Please love me….pweeeeeeeeeese???” Who could resist a plea like that???

Not me.



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