What’s in a name anyway?

I have always taken great care in choosing the names of the sweet young things I am to raise and cherish; my kids, my dogs….After all, you’re stuck with your name for your whole life so it should be a good, strong, easily spelled name. My Mother insisted on short, 4 letter names for us; Lois, Jack, Dave (not David, Dave. She said everyone would shorten it anyway so she just saved them the trouble) and Lori. No “Moxie Crimefighter” or “Pilot Inspektor” for my little Peeps (Penn Gillette and Jason Lee, your children will NOT thank you for that) ….However, it turns out I rarely call any of said sweet young things by their given names. Case in point:

Vivian Michele, my oldest daughter. Lovingly named after my own Sainted Mother. When she was born I decided to call her “Michele” so as to avoid the whole “Big Vivian, Little Vivian” thing. In the course of her life I have nicknamed her: Punkin Butt, Punky Brewster, Munchkin, PeePot, Shelly-belly, Kid, Shep, Sheppy. and others of which escape my memory. She now goes by Vivi, a shortening of her name that I love but my Mother – her namesake – detested, as she detested all shortening of names and nicknames in general…

Brittany Dale, my youngest daughter. Dale being a family name of her Father’s side. She has been stuck with the following monikers: Toot-Toot, Tater Britches, Sweetpea, Pretty-Britty, Rug-Rat, BeeBee (Vivi’s pronunciation of “Baby”), Brit, Britty, Britterfinger (Thanks Dan!) and most recently Spermy…

Snickerdoodle, the dog. Never, Ever EVER called that. Not from the very beginning. She is, and always will be called: Snickers, Pug, Puggy, PuggyLou, CrazyPug, PugPug, Princess, FatPug, and Little Bitch depending on my mood and her conduct of the moment…

Patch, the other dog. The Good One. He goes by: PatchyPatch, Bubba, Bubbagumpgump, Beautiful Boy, Old Man, Main Man Vern, Doodyhead, Doodyboy, Doodybooty, and the list goes on….

So why do I ponder over just the right name only to stick my young’uns with a slew of psuedo names?? Cuz its fun for me, and I can!!!!! Its good to be the Mom 🙂




One thought on “What’s in a name anyway?

  1. Hahahaha ! I’ve learned this first hand. 🙂 Kianah=Kia hehe. But its my favorite nick-name I’ve ever had! Thanks & Love you Lowi

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