My own personal Super Hero

Every now and then you meet someone who you instantly know is a good person. You just know. Honest, trustworthy, honorable…combine these traits with intelligence, compassion and a wicked sense of humor and you got yourself a Super Hero! Chef Vivi has named mine “Captain America”, and we don’t really care that there is another,  more widely known Captain America super hero. Ours is better, so there!

Ta Dahhhh! Looks like a Captain America, right? Oozing strength and confidence, ready to protect and defend us against Eeevilll….

 Stealthy with Ninja-like skills… Send him into battle armed with his wiffle bat, riding his trusty steed:



 And fuhgedabowdit!!  The bad guys will never stand a chance.

 See? Captain America – Murray style!

Did I mention he’s a handsome young Irish lad?


 What more could you ask for in a Super Hero? I can think of nothing. Please understand, I dont want to give the impression that he is flawless. No Super Hero is, I mean, SuperMan was an alien from another planet for crying out loud. Captain America Murray is stubborn. And a bit of a tightwad. But the reality is those are both traits that will serve him well in marriage to my daughter….(sorry Vivi but you know its true!)

He’s my Captain America, and as of October 22 of this year he officially becomes a member of my family. But in my heart, he’s been my Son since the day Chef Vivi brought him home to meet us.  Its hard NOT to love him.



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