The Dog Blog…

 This is Snickers aka “Pug”….she sleeps. Alot.  She thinks she’s a princess and will only sleep on a pillow. Sometimes she rolls off her pillow, as was the case in this pic….I’m told she never even woke up after the roll.


She stole MY pillowpet. She’s a firm believer in the “move your meat, lose your seat” rule. She’s a brat….


She also snores. LOUDLY. If she’s sawing logs, whole forests disapear when she naps. Her snoring has become white noise to Luke and I, we can no longer sleep soundly without it…


But Geezy Petes she’s cute! Cute goes a long way with me, cute inspires me to share my popcorn with her.  Cute causes me to forgive her indiscretions, like when she eats an entire 2 lb package of ground antelope meat and then yaks on my carpet. Cute makes me forgive her for scratching a hole in my screen door. Cute allows me to overlook the layer of hair that covers pretty much every surface in my house….Cute is why I fell in love with her on sight 10 years ago!



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